VCU Music Media Scoring Showcase

On Monday, April 18th, VCUArts Music hosted their first Media Scoring show. This showcased original compositions created by students under the guidance of Dr. Filipe Leitão. Students created music for a variety of visual media projects. 

The first five scores featured in the program were created in the MIDI Orchestration course (MUSC 300), offered in the spring 2022. The course taught students how to produce orchestral scores using virtual instruments and music production techniques. Many of the other works featured were from the Film & Media Scoring course (MUSC 340) that runs on a consistent basis. Students in that course are expected and encouraged to create original compositions for a variety of scenes from films, animations, and television ads. While some of the clips they scored were provided to them, several of the projects were collaborations between media scoring students and other filmmakers and media producers. Additional pieces composed by recent Music alumni were included in the program as well. 

Also featured during the show were several works created by students of Dr. Leitão’s online international workshops offered to Brazilian students. Part of Dr. Leitão’s ongoing research practice at VCU is an effort to internationally educate other communities on media scoring and composition and the potential career opportunities. 

You can watch a recording of the show at this YouTube link: