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What’s your second major/double minor/why did you choose it?

My second major is Digital Journalism. I chose it because I think it complements Cinema well in regard to what I hope to pursue after college which is more in the realm of documentary and photojournalism. It also gives me the chance to go and meet really interesting people whose stories I’m able to tell to an even wider audience. 

What department in film do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy post-production the most. I think editing is the best way to learn how to tell a story and I am more than sure that it will serve me well in telling the stories I want to in the future – whether on paper or on the screen.

Why did you come to film school?

It was a tough choice between majoring in film or photography but I ended up choosing film because I thought I had more to learn about filmmaking. I’ve had my heart set on going to art school since elementary school and I am extremely blessed to have VCUarts help me realize that dream.

Is the cinema program what you imagined?

It isn’t at all but I think you learn the most from being put into situations you don’t expect to be in. I think I envisioned a more generic classroom style but it makes sense not to be considering how much hands-on work goes into making even just a short film. VCU’s approach to teaching Cinema has reconstructed how I thought filmmaking would be and I’ve learned a lot from it!

Are you working on any personal projects or opportunities outside of Cinema?

I am! I’m a photographer for The Commonwealth Times which means I get to go and capture events that I wouldn’t have otherwise known existed. Specifically, the paper’s given me the opportunity to go shoot our men’s basketball team throughout the season and I think that’s really opened doors for me in the world of sports photography – something I’m realizing I want to pursue professionally.