TO KEEP YOU WARM 2023: An Exhibition of Quilts

Quilt (verb): To stitch or sew together: conjoin, join, make contact or come together.

Hosted at The Anderson from Dec. 12-15, 2023, “To Keep You Warm” exhibited the work of many hands. Now in its fifth year, this collaborative project represents students from Craft/Material Studies, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Urban Studies.

The artists used skills learned throughout the semester to design and create full-sized quilts. Scraps of fabric, upcycled clothing and domestic materials were carefully considered, dyed, cut and brought together through this collaborative work.

These quilts will be donated to patients in palliative care at the VCU Massey Cancer Center, improving the quality of life for patients of any age in grappling with a serious illness. In creating and donating these pieces, VCUarts students proudly connect with these patients and give back to their community.

Participating Artists:
Cailin Wright, Lace Kornfeld, Mia Daniel, Ken Truong, Kathleen Nguyen, Dalton Mara, Yulan Hibbert, Kynnedi Wilkerson, Anna Durham, Meredith Daniels, Olivia Grieve, Jt Holeman, Dhonaven Alvarado, Zoe Koch, Jakayla Peterson , Rocky Albright, Adah Alfano, Reed Trouslot, Mishea Tarpley, Katherine Perez-Hernandez, Belaynesh Downs-Reeve, Tina Le, Ryder Paley, Beau Perry, Annelise Box, Ella Provo, Jayden Stanley, Joyce Pringle, Ashton Nelson, Mishari Alduwaisan, Ollie Hoffmaster, Clara Jones, Divine Porter, Maggie Belinski, Geneva Dinh, Eliza Dronette, Ashley Phonvieng, Hannah Berg, Gabbie Bradburn, Izzy McRoberts, Estella Trygg, CJ Burke, Ella Darnell, Tigist Downs-Reeve, Memphis Prater, Anna Barnes, Liza Chaplin, Angie Ayala-Jimenez, Celia Bourhill, Iyarai Harris, Amelia Magee, Summer Muhammad, Ella Provo, Gabri Rollins, Bri Schmiedicke, Faith Spenik, Lexie Strandberg, Hoai Ngoc Vo, Liv Weatherford, Xavier Whitney, Sarah Woodard