There Comes a Time: An Exhibition Curated by the 2023–2024 Applied Curatorial Practices Class

There Comes a Time
February 9–March 2, 2024
Reception: 5–7pm Friday, February 9th

The Anderson and VCUarts are pleased to present There Comes a Time, an exhibition of nine Columbus, Ohio-based artists organized and curated by the students of the Fall 2023–Spring 20234 Applied Curatorial Practices class taught by Chase Westfall. Representing six distinct School of the Arts studio and academic majors, the eight student members of the class have worked tirelessly over the past seven months to provide a glimpse into Columbus’s contemporary art scene.

This exhibition was organized and curated by the members of The Anderson’s Applied Curatorial Practices course: Molly Blasdell, Isa Dray, Hannah Dunn, Aaliyah Freeman, Laela Huddleston, Taylor Moorman, and Ryan Sabel.

Roger Beebe, LaShae Boyd, Brett Davis, Emma Kindall, Gina Osterloh, Nate Ricciuto, Akeylah Imani Wellington, Carmen Winant, Melissa Vogley Woods

Curatorial Statement
When established narratives of the past and future limit possibility, we are called to re-examine and re-envision the present. At this precarious juncture, nine artists fold together memory and mirage to form new ways of being. Curated through a series of encounters, There Comes A Time chronicles a (new) archive of contemporary art from Columbus, OH. 

The familiar materials in these works obscures their time-intensive processes. Family, friends, lovers, and selves (now and then) are present as collaborators. Overlapped images, reflective surfaces, and loose threads come together as symbols of care. Layers of tape, mesh, and beads build protective barriers. Through the works, we glimpse the vulnerability needed to probe our internal shadows and engage alternative worlds. Here, our understanding of time warps. Here, past, present, and future collapse into a portal rich with potential. 

Poster by Kalib Hubbard.