Tabula Rasa: A VCUarts Student Group Exhibition

Tabula Rasa
September 1–15, 2023
Performances: 6, 7, & 8pm Friday, September 8 (registration form below)

VCUarts and The Anderson are pleased to present Tabula Rasa, a group exhibition organized by VCUarts students Teairrah Green, Lareina Allred, and Chynia Harris in conjunction with The Anderson’s Open Call program. Supported by a VCUarts Collaborative Research Grant, this exhibition explores biocentrism, consciousness, and collective experiences. The exhibition is on view on the top floor of the Anderson building.

Tabula Rasa was created in collaboration with current VCUarts students and alumni, including Kelsey Ryan, Nathaniel Roper, Toria Donaldson, Nya Wilson, Janelle Evans, Kylie Hall, Anastasia Perrius, Eliza Seaton, Emma Wynkoop, Lucia Biondi, and Mars Dunston.

Exhibition Statement

Derived from philosophers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, David Hume & Immanuel Kant, Tabula Rasa is a Latin term that in English translates to “clean slate.” With this clean slate, we can create anything. That’s where the idea of exploring “Biocentrism” grew from. Biocentrism is the way our consciousness relates to our physical body. It claims nothing exists until and unless it is viewed by a conscious observer. The universe is created by life. Because of this, we are unified in our thinking and existence. This project is an interactive installation that combines video, audio, crafts, and performance art to explore the question: How does biocentrism unify our thinking and existence? Further, this project explores themes of consciousness and collective experiences/thinking. The film is based on self-reflection that reveals various life experiences in relation to their consciousness. The sound consists of the internal thoughts, and organic sounds (human voice, wind, leaves rustling and birds chirping). The performers will explore the stages of consciousness in relation to lived experiences and the five senses. They will portray the growth, development, and interconnection between human consciousness. Finally, the audience is able to ponder these ideas with us as well as within themselves.

To register for one of the 30-minute performances on September 8th, visit this link.

Funded by: The Undergraduate Photography/Film Dean’s Grant.
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