Student Spotlight: Lukas


Favorite filmmaker
Stanley Kubrick — With 2001 it felt very half story, half spectacle, and I definitely like that about him.

What’s your second major/double minor/why did you choose it?
I chose Advertising because it kind of feeds off cinema, in more of a commercial sense.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of cinema?
I like editing a lot. I edit and make music videos. I play basketball as well.

What are you working on outside of the program?
I have my own production company with my friends so I’m working on that, and a bunch of recaps for this clothing brand called Rip N Dip.

Favorite film school moment?
I like learning about filmmakers styles. When we did the Antonioni retrospective, it was interesting because a lot of the movies I really liked, and some of them I really hated. You really get to notice what you like and don’t like about a filmmaker’s style (esp. Through Tyree‘s class, etc.)