“Pathfinders” Dance Student Concert March 29 & 30

Richmond,  VA — VCUarts Dance + Choreography will celebrate the accomplishments of dance majors who have been selected to present their choreographic work in Pathfinders, VCU Dance Student Concert.  The concert will feature 10 choreographers presenting a variety of works with performers from the department. Performances will take place at the Grace Street Theater, 934 W. Grace St. on March 29 and 30 at 7:30pm. Tickets are $5 for VCU Students and $10 for General Admission; tickets can be purchased using this link.     

 VCU Dance is a powerful voice in the national dance scene with many alumni creating challenging and interesting work. We want to show where this work begins – our current students. Showcasing  work created by 1st year to 4th year students, the concert contains a diverse range of points of view and artistic expression.  

The adjudicated performance features choreographic works by students Sophia Berger & Moriah Jackson, Jayden Bidle, Mars Dunston, Sydney Goldston, Chynia Ariana Harris, Luke Moen, k Russell, Holly Trenbath, and Amaya Weston. 

Sophia Berger and Moriah Jackson

Through subtle shifts between the actions of “slightly,” “almost,” and “wait,” this duet notes the relationship between uncertainty and observation. Guided by the musical discord, six sections reveal themselves in tandem with the score. Almost but then wait.” marks a moment left without resolution

Jayden Bidle

“Dance Yrslf Clean” is a celebration with a large cast of 12 dancers.  It unpacks the weight of perceptions we’ve placed on top of an unreachable “objective” reality…a nudge into smallness and wonder.

Mars Dunston

This solo performed by the choreographer is entitled i want you to love me before death becomes us. It is accompanied by a quote “i am dirty, infinitely dirty, this is why i scream so much about purity”. 

Sydney Goldston

everythingisOKrightnow,” honors the current moment. No matter the emotion, it deserves acceptance, attention, and love. Allowing ourselves to feel is cause for celebration.

Chynia Ariana Harris

In the solo Light the match, Release the weight, the choreographer’s description states, “I, the arsonist of my own demise, lit the spark, where our corruption lies. An orchestra of flames, a writer’s delight. The words to our story burned this one night.” 

Luke Moen

The piece is about the process of over-thinking; not only how it affects you in a negative way, but how it also affects the people around you. Entitled Surrendering what is not”, this large cast features many first year VCU dance majors.

k Russell

“antithetical face is informed by the idea of gender dysphoria and the many ways that we can transcend the body through expression and performance. The duet also features Senior Erin Dutton. 

Holly Trenbath

Exploring grief as a felt experience, the choreographer was inspired to create An Unkindness Overheard” as a way to process it. They felt that grief was addressed both lyrically and sonically in this musical score, Birdland. The music is inspired by a book entitled “A Book of Dreams” by Peter Reich, which details the author’s relationship with his father, both before and after his death. Inspired by the book, this piece explores grief as an emotion and experience. 

Amaya Weston

 “‘Til It’s Backwards” is a representation of the systems that we are forced into from birth, whether that be Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Classism, etc. and the journey to liberating yourself from them while simultaneously attempting to exist within them.

For questions about Pathfinders or the dance program, email dance@vcu.edu.