Maia Hollien: “You Tough, Right?”

Maia Hollien: “You Tough, Right?”; The Coloring Book Chronicles
December 12–14, 2023

“You Tough, Right?” is a screening, installation, and community coloring project from Kinetic Imaging student Maia Hollien. This project offers audience members the chance to interact with the artist’s work while also offering the opportunity to color alongside others and create their own artwork in hopes of destressing and creating a greater sense of local community. The installation will be on view on the top floor of The Anderson.

The short film piece and accompanying installation are a continuation of Hollien’s research project, “N*gg*s get shot everyday, B:” A Rejection of the Survivalist Nature of Black Excellence. Both of these works surround the idea of a ‘hustle for survival’ ideology within marginalized, specifically Black culture(s) and aim to break the chains of this mentality.