Lexy Holcombe Recognized as a VCU REAL Outstanding Mentor


Congratulations to Lexy Holcombe, IDES assistant professor, on being recognized as a 2021 VCU REAL Outstanding Mentor!   

The inaugural award recognizes those in the VCU community who have made exceptional contributions to students’ professional and personal development through experiential learning. The nomination process is entirely driven by students.  

Professor Holcombe was one of ten VCU educators honored.

Erin Webster Garrett, Ph.D., assistant vice provost for REAL, said, “We are excited to be able to honor a truly exceptional group with our first-ever Outstanding Mentor Awards. These awardees exemplify the compassion and commitment to student success that makes experiential learning such a vibrant part of VCU academics.”  

The students were asked in early February to nominate members of the VCU community who helped them connect their classroom work to the larger world outside the university. 

Holcombe states, “Well being is one of the messages I stress with my students: EAT SLEEP MOVE is my mantra. This is based on my Blue Zones research and my own recent experience as a VCU student.”

The students absorbed this ethos. Wrote one of her students, “Lexy is such an amazing teacher…she was always willing to help and be there to push us through obstacles we faced within the assignments. You can really tell that she cares and I love that.”

Photo taken of Holcombe in Copenhagen while on a trip that included a visit to Joensuu, Finland, to continue thesis research.