Khoi Le: To Spend Eternity

To Spend Eternity
Khoi Le
February 9–March 1, 2024
Reception: 5–7pm Friday, February 9th

VCUarts and The Anderson are pleased to present To Spend Eternity, an exhibition from Khoi Le (Painting and Printmaking BFA, 2023) on view in the Hidden Galleries on the top floor of The Anderson.

In a world that constantly rushes forward, Le invites you to pause, immerse yourself in the profound beauty of fleeting moments, and rediscover the devotion within your own existence. To Spend Eternity is a group of mixed-media installations that draw from the artist’s personal memories, experiences, and childhood; it’s an invitation to explore the depths of life, memory, and time. At the heart of To Spend Eternity lies the contemplation of impermanence—the ephemeral nature of existence, the fragility of memories, and the poignant loss of innocence.