KI Student Silvia Valladares interns with NASA’s Psyche Inspired program



This past fall KI student, Silvia Valladares was selected as one of sixteen interns to participate in NASA’s Psyche Inspired program. The Psyche Inspired program brings undergraduate students from any major together to spend an academic year making a series of creative works for NASA to share information on their Psyche mission with the public in new ways. Over the schoolyear, Valladares made multiple works for the program including various animations depicting a 360 view of the Psyche asteroid and the greek goddess Psyche, for whom the asteroid and mission are named. An overall positive and valuable experience for Valladares, the program allowed for a lot of creative freedom and taught her about creative ways of communicating information to a public audience.

Click here to see work made by Valladares for the Psyche Inspired internship.