KI chair collaborates with music professor on new releases

Sound artist and chair of the Department of Kinetic Imaging Stephen Vitiello has a new collaborator: Justin Alexander, director of percussion studies in the Department of Music.

Alexander has played on a few of Vitiello’s projects recently, including a limited edition single, A New Glow/Simple Interference, and the upcoming LP, I  D R E W  A  F I S H  H O O K, A N D  I T  T U R N E D  I N T O  A  F L O W E R.

Vitiello says he doesn’t often make clear cut rhythms and tempos, creating a challenge for percussionists, but Alexander “masterfully found a kind of central pulse” for the tracks on A New Glow/Simple Interference.

“Beyond playing wonderfully,” Vitiello adds, “Justin brought an element of accessibility to my music. I can hear elements of trip hop in the single, as well as the influence of the band Tortoise. I don’t think I’d ever have gotten that without the drums.”

Vitiello’s upcoming LP—which will be released on the French label IIKKI Books on Nov. 21—was made with sculpture alumna Molly Berg (BFA ’04). It features Alexander on drums for one track, as well as Jennifer Choi on violin, Mike Grigoni on steel guitar and Marcus Fischer on Bass VI. A limited version of the release will also come with a book of photography.