Julia Nauroth: Liminality

Julia Nauroth
January 16–26, 2024
Reception: 4–6pm Friday, January 26th

VCUarts and The Anderson are pleased to present Liminality, an exhibition from Julia Nauroth (Painting & Printmaking and Communication Arts BFA, 2023) on view on the top floor of The Anderson.

Exhibition Statement
Liminality: moments in the transition of time that border on the threshold of our reality. Similar to the feeling of the uncanny: something strange and mysterious, usually unsettling. These moments are based on feelings, experiences, and the emotional responses they evoke; they locate the strangeness in the ordinary. For example, have you ever seen your doppelganger? This show features the liminal spaces of Richmond and the artist’s experience of seeing their doppelganger.

Julia Nauroth is a recent graduate of Communication Arts and Painting and Printmaking. She enjoys painting landscapes in oil, gouache, and acrylic. Their depiction of horror and the unnatural comes from their love of horror games and movies; Julia takes inspiration from analog horror, Stanley Kubrick, P.T., and the paintings of Edward Hopper and Francis Bacon. Debuting her first solo show, they are excited to share their research and explorations from school with everyone.