In ‘Welcome to the Show,’ VCU students and graduates (and Richmond) take center stage

The film by School of the Arts alum and adjunct professor Dorie Barton headlines opening night at this year’s Richmond International Film Festival and features an ensemble cast of Rams.

By Dina Weinstein, VCU News

Richmond takes the spotlight Sept. 7 on opening night of the city’s annual international film festival when Virginia Commonwealth University graduate and adjunct professor Dorie Barton’s thriller/comedy “Welcome to the Show” is screened at 9:15 p.m.

Barton earned her M.F.A. in theatre with a concentration in performance and pedagogy at VCU’s School of the Arts in 2020, and teaches acting for the camera, showcase, and content creation in the Department of Theatre. She lived and worked in Los Angeles for 30 years, working as an actor on stage, television and film, and as a filmmaker and script consultant. 

Welcome to the Show” is her second feature film, starring a cast of all VCU students. The narrative of the film is driven by the concept of an inverted escape room that takes the ensemble around Richmond, filmed by a crew of students and professionals during the 2019 Thanksgiving break.

“It’s the kind of film that people will enjoy watching more than once because there’s a lot to see, figure out and make guesses about,” Barton said. “While the film is about a piece of interactive theater, and requires an active level of engagement, it trusts that the audience will enjoy not having everything laid out for them or tied up in a nice, neat little bow.” 

Barton spoke with VCU News about directing, Richmond’s cinematic potential, and producing a film during the pandemic.

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