Hope Ollivant: F*** You Broken Heart

F*** You Broken Heart
Hope Ollivant
February 9–March 1, 2024
Reception: 5–7pm Friday, February 9th

VCUarts and The Anderson are pleased to present F*** You Broken Heart, an exhibition from Hope Ollivant (Craft/Materials Studies student) on view on the top floor of The Anderson.

F**** You Broken Heart is a collection of work that responds to challenging and complex themes with optimism and celebration. The work critiques parasocial relationships with celebrities, icons, and characters ignorant of our existence. Taking these relationships to a new level, Ollivant’s work intensifies the illusion of this behavior by crafting a fake physical presence through the imagery and pieces she makes.

The pieces confront challenging subject matter including critiques of American society and the intricacy of personal relationships. The strong imagery and icons are used to communicate and intensify feelings and experiences. The collection serves as a celebration of human resilience and the capacity to heal, connect, and overcome.