Cinema’s Application has Gotten a Facelift!


We’ve taken a look over our application and decided it was time to spruce it up a bit in order to fully allow us to see who you are as a filmmaker! Check out these new additions to our application!


In order to give us a sense of your artistic personality as a storyteller, respond to the following writing prompt: In 300 words or fewer, introduce us to a character for a movie – either a protagonist or an antagonist. 


This additional requirement will help us understand your visual storytelling style. Create an original series of 5-7 still images using your smartphone or camera. Submit the individual still images in a sequence that expresses your imagination and tells a story or establishes a mood.

You will be prompted to submit your cinema essay and visual storytelling exercise through the VCUarts SlideRoom website (Freshman Applicants – Cinema).

Hopefully you’re just as excited to apply in this new format as we are to see these brand new applications! Check in on the VCUarts Admissions site to start your application today!