April Message from Dean Scott


To the VCUarts community,

I am continually amazed by the generosity, thoughtfulness, and support brought forth by everyone in this unprecedented time. We may be experiencing vastly different scenarios as alumni, faculty, staff or students both at home and abroad in VCUarts Qatar, but we have endured this together. Our resilience is proof of the grit and determination that has long defined our school.

We are united by our commitment to the arts, to education, and to community.

It has been inspiring to see everyone working together and supporting one another while balancing changes in their home and work lives. Our adaptability gives me confidence that we can weather and overcome this time of uncertainty to return stronger than ever.

Social distancing is a drastic measure, but a policy we must adopt for the health and safety of one another and the most vulnerable populations in our community. Still, I understand that this is a trying and emotional period for everyone. The campus has been exceptionally quiet without our students and faculty, who are the heart of our school. I have missed seeing our classrooms full, hallways bustling, and calendars packed with plays, exhibitions and recitals. But I am heartened by how quickly we have been able to rethink curriculum, reimagine the possibilities of virtual events, and rise to the challenge of digital learning. As we transition to this temporary space, the fundamental spirit of collaboration that we foster in critique sessions, performance halls, studios and galleries has not changed.

My colleagues and I remain committed to our students’ success. We are working hard to keep them on track for graduation and the completion of their courses. Now, perhaps more than ever, it is important for us to stay connected and to energize each other. I hope that you all will participate in celebrating one another’s accomplishments—and especially those of our students—on social media using #VCUartsWork. VCU also invites members of the wider community to send messages of hope and encouragement to one another using #OneVCU.

While these are challenging times, I believe in our ability to find creative ways to connect with and inspire one another.

With deep appreciation,

Nancy Scott
Interim Dean
Special Assistant to the Provost for VCUarts Qatar