2023 MFA Thesis Exhibition


The 2023 MFA Thesis Exhibition features 30 outstanding emerging artists and designers. Representing seven departments, these students’ ambitious and challenging research pushes beyond traditional disciplines to shape what is new and next in visual and material culture.

The MFA Thesis Exhibition is held at the Anderson (907 ½ W Franklin St, Richmond) and takes place in two rounds:

Round 1: April 7–April 21
Round 1 Opening Reception: April 7, 5–8pm

Round 2: April 28–May 13
Round 2 Opening Reception: April 28, 5–8pm

Public gallery hours are Tues–Fri, 12–6pm & Sat, 12–5pm.

*Thesis research projects by the 2023 Interior Design, Interior Environments MFA class will be presented separately. For location, dates, and time, please follow the IDES MFA program on Instagram @vcuartsinteriordesign.

April 7–April 21

Abi Ogle (Craft/Material Studies)
Nyasha Chigama (Craft/Material Studies)
Paul van den Bijgaart (Craft/Material Studies)
Lindsey Arturo (Kinetic Imaging)
Kaitlyn Paston (Kinetic Imaging)
Ali Kaeini (Painting + Printmaking)
Manavi Singh (Photography + Film)
Aida Lizalde (Sculpture + Extended Media)
Daniel Cab (Sculpture + Extended Media)
Rupeng Zhao (Sculpture + Extended Media)
Tendai Mupita (Sculpture + Extended Media)

Paul van den Bijgaart’s Current installation will be candlelit for 1 hour each day, 4–5pm Tuesday–Saturday. Please visit during these times if you would like to view the installation with the preferred lighting. If unable to attend during those times, please contact the artist at vandenbijpj@vcu.edu to arrange a time for viewing.

To schedule your personal experience with Abi Ogle’s Metronome installation, scan the QR code below:

April 28–May 13

Kate Crankshaw (Craft/Material Studies)
Stacie Sabady (Craft/Material Studies)
Yameng Wang (Graphic Design)
Samson Stilwell (Kinetic Imaging)
Clara Cruz (Painting + Printmaking)
Erin Yerby (Painting + Printmaking)
Ilana Dodelson (Painting + Printmaking)
Natalia Mejía Murillo (Painting + Printmaking)
Fanxi Sun** (Photography + Film)
Kat Thompson (Photography + Film)
Madeleine Mae Morris (Photography + Film)
effie bowen (Sculpture + Extended Media)
Kayla Jones (Sculpture + Extended Media)

**Fanxi Sun’s Thesis performances will take place at 8pm, April 28–30 at The Depot (814 W. Broad St.)

Interior Design – Interior Environments MFA

Cindy Perdomo
Madison Goff
Nadia Mechboukh
Sholeh Salimi
Tawny Chamberlain
Tessa Trowbridge

Participating Departments

Craft/Material Studies
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Kinetic Imaging
Painting + Printmaking
Photography + Film
Sculpture + Extended Media

Poster designed by Bradley Sinanan.