Susanna Klein, Assistant Professor, Violin and Coordinator of Strings, Music


Sandy Goldie, Assistant Professor, String Music Education, Music
Molly Sharpe, Instructor, Viola, Music

When music meets technology

Music, like sports, is a highly competitive field that rewards excellence and promotes extraordinarily high practice hours. Musicians, and in particular string players, are injured at an alarming rate due to their practice habits. Violin Coach (V-Coach) is a pioneering digital arts technology intended to bring a healthier, more mindful, and more deliberate approach to musicians’ personal practice.

Susanna Klein records student violinist on her iPad, using TV projection to demonstrate improvements for postural alignment.

The recipient of a 2017 VCU Presidential Research Quest Fund award, lead researcher Susanna Klein will work with a mobile solutions company to design, develop, and test a mobile app that helps violinists and violists self-regulate their practice habits.