What is it that a young artist who has just received an MFA requires to facilitate their research beyond the confines of graduate school?
A studio, a residence, some teaching experience, and a stipend.

It was precisely this question and response that facilitated the development of the VCUarts Plant Zero Fellowship developed by the Department of Painting + Printmaking  in 2005. As our ability to support additional fellows expanded within the School of the Arts, the fellowships were renamed the Fountainhead  Fellowship, in honor of the sponsor, Fountainhead Development LLC. We are currently hosting the 9th Fellow in the Department of Painting + Printmaking.

Plant Zero Fellows

2005 – 2006 CeCe Cole
2006 – 2007 Jill Galarneau
2007 – 2008 Erin Arnold
2008 – 2009 Amy Feldman
2009 – 2010 Rhys Himsworth

Fountainhead Fellows

2010 – 2011 Lumin Wakoa
2011 – 2012 Daniela Campins
2012 – 2013 Sachin Kaeley
2013 – 2014 Will Schneider White
2014 – 2015 Emmy Thelander
2015 – 2016 Whitney Oldenburg
2016 – 2017  Teto Elsiddique
2017-2018 Ryan Lucero

Application Instructions


Application Deadline April 14, 2018

Department of Painting + Printmaking
1000 W. Broad Street
P.O. Box 842016
Richmond VA 23284-2016

The Fountainhead Arts Fellowship is a joint project of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, the Department of Painting + Printmaking, the Department of Sculpture + Extended Media, the Department of Craft/Material Studies, and Fountainhead Development Services. The residency is sited in a newly renovated complex built to eco-friendly, EarthCraft standards. This mixed-use community includes artists’ studios, apartments, a café, an outdoor swimming pool, a dog park and other amenities in addition to being near campus.

One Painting/Printmaking Fellowship will be offered each academic year.


Residency period: August 2017 through May 2018.


ONLY Spring 2018 graduating MFA painters or printmakers are invited to apply for the fellowship year beginning August 2018
If you graduated prior to 2018, you are NOT eligible to apply.
VCU students and graduates are NOT eligible to apply.

Fellows receive:

  • 24-hour access to a private approximately 300 square foot studio
  • Furnished apartment
  • $15,000 stipend
  • Part-time teaching experience at VCU
  • Exhibition in Richmond

Fellowship recipient responsibilities:

  • Teach two classes per semester in the Department of Painting/Printmaking for two semesters
  • Public lecture on your work
  • Exhibition



  1. 1-page Artist Statement (PDF) – with file Titled “your last name_first name–Artist Statement”
  2. Resume (PDF) – with file Titled “your last name_first name–Resume”
    Include address, phone, e-mail and website link if available
  3. Portfolio – 20 images and documentation script (all within a single PDF file) with file Titled “your last name_first name–Portfolio”


Place all PDF’s into single folder and compress – Titled “your last name_first name–VCU Fountainhead”
Go to https://www.wetransfer.com
Follow directions to upload file
Email file through WeTransfer to sbowring@vcu.edu by April 14, 2018.


Two reference letters should be emailed directly from the referees own email account to sbowring@vcu.edu by April 14, 2018.
Please instruct your referees to use the following in the subject line of their email: “your last name_first name–VCU Fountainhead Reference”


Fountainhead Arts Fellowship Committee
Department of Painting + Printmaking
Virginia Commonwealth University
1000 West Broad Street
PO Box 842016
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2016

Deadline for receipt of all materials: April 14, 2018

Questions about the painting/printmaking fellowship: email sbowring@vcu.edu

Additional information available at: http://arts.vcu.edu/paintingprintmaking

The VCUarts MFA Painting Department is ranked 7th nationwide by US News and World Report


VCU School of The Arts has a branch campus, located in, Doha, Qatar. VCU Qatar has a Painting and Printmaking Program that mirrors the curriculum and educational experience of the Richmond campus and also has a fellowship program. The Fellowship is identical in many aspects to that of the Fountainhead Fellowship with additional provision for flights to and from Doha, access to a car, and funds available for professional commitments such as exhibition opportunities.

Applicants to the Fountainhead Fellowship should indicate whether he/she wishes to be considered for the Residency on the Richmond campus, the Doha campus, or for both opportunities.