VCUarts Dance + Choreography presents “TWO TRUTHS: Truth 2” Spring 2024 Senior Project Concert.

Friday, April 26 th & Saturday, April 27 th at 7:30pm @ The Grace St Theatre, 934 W. Grace Street.

TWO TRUTHS is the culmination of four years of rigorous training in both the physical and creative research aspects of dance. It involves countless hours curating an artistic experience that represents their work as individuals and as a cohesive collective. The collection TWO TRUTHS represents this pinnacle of the Virginia Commonwealth University B.F.A dance & choreography seniors class of 24’ undergraduate projects. The show has been and continues to be created and performed over the course of the year. It has included a total of 17 original works by the seniors, the final of which will be showcased at the end of April. TWO TRUTHS is a reflection of two juxtaposing ideas that can be true at the same time. This cohort of 17 students entered VCU Dance at the onset of the pandemic and experienced and reconciled two realities – virtual and analog simultaneously, and are now emerging as artists – moving buoyant creative works forward.

TWO TRUTHS: Truth 2 is the final production of the TWO TRUTHS series that was established over the course of the year. This performance will feature works by eight emerging artists and performed by VCU dance students. In the works, the investigative themes range over a variety of ideas, from the effect of smell on memory, to examining the fantastical and engaging individuality for the benefit of the collective. All of the artists are striving to expand the audience’s perspectives on their artistic endeavors and seek to connect the viewers with a deep sense of seeing and being seen.


  • I don’t have much to say, but I’m glad you’re here.

“this here must be now” is a three part cyclical analogy for oneness/ the collective spirit; the innate place from which we know to crave reverent peace. This work by Jayden Bidle explores the experiencer’s journey in ego, and the attachments built, therefore causing great suffering. Language and artistic expressions can’t define this realm directly, but we can use them to point us in the direction of our one pure consciousness.

  • everyone is beautiful and that is dangerous
  • everyone is dangerous and that is beautiful

In sea of souls, Katiana Dawn utilizes preconceived notions of the ocean and its mythological creatures to subvert our expectations of beauty and danger. By diving into character exploration the work culminates towards the discovery that beauty and danger can co-exist and nothing and no-one is quite what they appear to be.

Sydney Amira Goldston challenges the conventional notion of success within the American workforce by celebrating rest and self-care as radical acts of rebellion. Inspired by fashion designer Thom Browne, small oscillating fan explores the repetitive, productivity-oriented nature of today’s society and the grey area between conformity and individuality. How do you stay true to yourself and prioritize quality of life in a world that values labor over the laborer?

in the scents that cherry blossoms will bloom, is a sensory-based work by Moriah (Mo) Jackson that explores the powerful influence that smells have on our memories and sensations. By focusing on three stages of life (childhood, early adulthood, and adulthood) throughout the work, Mo’s movement illustrates how our sense of smell can subconsciously reawaken memories and events from our past.

We (are) because I (am), choreographed by Solana Rios-Shkodriani highlights the importance of discovering and knowing one’s value in order to bring their greatest self to a communal space. The work explores themes of ego-centric-ness, envy, tension and isolation, and endeavors to transcend the negative actions of an individual into more constructive actions of authenticity, being open and receptive, and having personal and group compassion, to illustrate the power inherent within a group of holistic individuals

  • “this is a secret language. this is a cult activity.”

k Russell’s “problem children” investigates the idea of queer movement, and its capabilities of transformation – from human into creature, from language into gibberish, from legible into queered. informed by improvisation, writing, choice making, vulnerability, honesty, silliness, and the embrace of a queer sensibility, “problem children” aims to plunge the audience into a creature world, from which they will emerge bewildered, yet, full of joy.

Jillian Sanders’ capstone is informed by ideas of institutionalized obedience, the circularity of natural processes, and patterns of hyper-independence. This work freedom in knowing (I don’t have to clench my fists) is a testament to embodied resilience that those who have experienced trauma and grief must endure to persevere.

Brandi Wimpye’s ‘Eternal Solace’ explores safety and comfort through friendships and relationships. The work is inspired by Wimpye’s hometown friends and community. Thus, she pays homage to close friendships by illuminating the importance of having organic connections in the face of discord to heal/safeguard the individual with the support of positive catalytic interactions within a group.