The Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho

After running into a mysterious thief, a young boy living in a dystopian future begs his mother to take him home, where he comes to realize the power of imagination.


Written by Eileen Halpin
Directed by PJ Norton
Produced by Kate Marlette

Jericho – Kevin O’Donnell
Adam – Kaleb Dunlap
Nadia – Stacey Cabaj
Boy Throwing Rocks – DeVon Cortez
Girl Throwing Rocks – Elena Lazorishak
Lamp Merchant – John Denver
Guard #1 – Shad Armstrong
Guard #2 – Drake Sanders
Guard #3 – Matthew Franklin
Prisoner – Algin Strickland
Turnip Customer – Kareem Clark
Passerby – DeVaughn Pegram
Boy Playing Game – Jaden Pegram
Girl Playing Game – Jada Pegram
Drunk #1 – Brian Aylor
Drunk #2 – Carlton Piercey