Top Ranked. Top Value.

VCUarts has the lowest annual tuition among the top 10 schools of art and design.

#1 Yale University $49,480
#2 VCU (out-of-state) $31,608
(in-state) $13,076
(tie) University of California: Los Angeles $40,091
#4 Rhode Island School of Design $47,110
(tie) School of the Art Institute of Chicago $45,750
#6 Carnegie Mellon University $53,910
(tie) Columbia University $55,161
(tie) Cranbrook Academy of Art (graduate only)
#9 Alfred University $32,264
(tie) California Institute of the Arts $45,646
(tie) Maryland Institute College of Art $46,990

Rankings come from U.S. News & World Report‘s evaluation of graduate school programs. Annual undergraduate out-of-state tuition comes from College Board’s posted college prices as of June 2017. You can add up college costs at

We invite you to compare VCUarts tuition with other top art schools. The value is clear.

  • Richmond’s low cost of living
  • Financial Aid assistance
  • Quality of a VCUarts education
  • Reputation and high ranking resonate with employers

Here’s what our students and alumni say:

“I wanted to be part of a huge and diverse student body in a fairly urban setting and I didn’t want to be paying off loans for the rest of my life.”

— Rachel, Fashion Design

“The only out-of-state school I applied to was VCUarts because of its reputation, it’s part of a major university, and it has the lowest tuition costs of all the top art schools.”

— Molly, Painting and Printmaking

“I could have paid more at a different great art school, but why would I?”

— Brandi, Graphic Design

“VCU combines the big university experience and all its resources with the smaller and more individual art school experience.”

— Sophie, Interior Design major, Craft minor


Each fall, the Undergraduate Scholarship Program grants financial awards to outstanding students entering VCUarts. Selection of scholars is made on the basis of merit in the area of academic achievement and artistic talent.

Freshman Scholarships are awarded to fall semester applicants only, who apply by November 15th. We also encourage all applicants seeking scholarship consideration to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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