Mateo Tannatt

lecture: Tuesday, October 28 at 12:15 pm
VCU Student Commons Theater
907 Floyd Ave.

In Mateo Tannat’s beguiling sculptures and video, both physical and mental landscapes are made material. Vibrating between the theatrical fictions of popular culture and the lexicon of recent art history, Tannat presents strange but familiar visions of existence. Tannat organizes his sculptures into groups or “collections” presented as thematic exhibitions that are edited, expanded upon and changed over time. Like the flow of scenes and characters found in cinema and literature, Tannatt shifts between abstraction and known form with ease, drawing from a variety of techniques to orchestrate new proposals of imagined reality.

Mateo Tannatt lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He holds a MFA from UCLA and BFA from Cooper Union. His past exhibitions include All of This and Nothing at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles When Attitude becomes Form Becomes Attitude at the Wattis Institute, San Francisco and First Among Equals at the ICA, Philidephia. Most recently his exhibition, A Faun On The Lawn and Other Translations was presented at Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles. Other solo projects include the Frieze Fair, NY and Art Parcours for ArtBasel, Switzerland. He was awarded the Illy Prize in 2008 for his work in Present/Future at Artissima, Turin, Italy. In 2015 Tannatt will have a solo exhibitions at INOVA, University of Milwaukee, the Diet Gallery in Miami and at Marc Foxx Gallery in Los Angeles.




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