Faculty and students in the Department of Painting and Printmaking work together in a professional and creative learning environment. The undergraduate curriculum enables students to adopt a specialized focus within the discipline and use elective options to pursue other areas of interest in the School of the Arts, the university and the community. It also permits students to tailor a course of study suited to their professional and personal ambitions. The undergraduate program provides students with opportunities for concentrated experiences in both practice and theory as a foundation for independent exploration and artistic development. Classroom discussions invite students to examine a range of contemporary critical issues, which enable them to understand their own studio work in relation to historical continuum. As students develop their skills in critical analysis they are challenged to articulate and justify their ideas both visually and verbally.

The size and diversity of the faculty guarantee exposure to a plurality of ideas and stylistic approaches. In addition, the department’s visiting artist program brings to campus leading figures in the world of contemporary art for discussions of their work, critiques of student work and workshops.

Degree requirements in painting and printmaking

University coreCredits
UNIV 111 and 112 Focused Inquiry I and II6
UNIV 200 Writing and Rhetoric Workshop or equivalent3
Approved humanities/fine arts3
Approved natural/physical science3
Approved social/behavioral science3
Approved quantitative literacy3
General studies
ARTH 103, 104 Survey of Western Art6
Art history (200 level or above)9
English (200 level or above)6
Open electives (300-level or above studio or academic courses outside PAPR)9
Studio requirements
Art Foundation Program14
Painting and printmaking program
PAPR 205 Painting, Basic4
PAPR 305 Painting, Intermediate4
PAPR 3xx or 4xx (painting)4
PAPR 209 Materials: Printmaking4
PAPR 31x Printmaking, Intermediate (etching, lithography, screenprinting or digital)4
PAPR 3xx or 4xx (printmaking)4
PAPR 3xx or 4xx (painting or printmaking)4
PAPR 221 Drawing, Basic3
PAPR 321 Drawing, Intermediate3
PAPR 3xx or 4xx (drawing)3
PAPR 290 Concepts and Issues2
PAPR 490 Senior Seminar (capstone)2
PAPR 3xx or 4xx (department electives)6
Studio electives (outside PAPR)8
Total credits120

Painting + Printmaking BFA bulletin

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