What is academic advising?

Academic advising is a learning process that helps students answer these common questions:

  • How do I build an academic plan?
  • How will I know what classes to take?
  • How will I register for classes?
  • How do I build a class schedule around all of my responsibilities?
  • What do I do when I am having trouble in my classes?
  • How can I be sure to graduate in 4 years?
  • How can I double major or add a minor to my academic plan?
  • How do I plan to study abroad, participate in research or find internship opportunities?

What can an academic advisor do to help me?

Your academic advisor can:

  • Help you to identify personal and academic goals
  • Connect you with campus based and professional resources
  • Encourage you to persist through personal and academic challenges
  • Support student responsibility and the pursuit of lifelong-learning

Who is my academic advisor?

Academic advising at VCU and VCUarts is a continuous process. However, students may have a number of advisors over the course of their enrollment.

Advising for the First Year

First year students at VCU are advised through a specialized program in the University College.

Students who want to major in our fine arts and design programs must complete the Art Foundations program before declaring a degree granting major.

Advising for the Second Year and Beyond

For the second year of enrollment and beyond our students are advised in their academic major. Some academic departments have one professional academic advisor who assists all students in that major. Other departments use a faculty-advising model where each student is advised by a full-time faculty member in their major.

Regardless of the major, all students at VCUarts are encouraged to work closely with and build relationships with their faculty throughout their program.