Sarah Faris is a Board Certified Medical Illustrator and Richmond native who has been teaching at VCU since 2008. She received a BFA at VCU’s Department of Communication Arts in 2005 and a MA at John’s Hopkins University’s Department of Art as Applied to Medicine in 2007. Her research includes the professional practice of medical illustration created for education, litigation and editorials. Clients include doctors and health professionals, textbook publishers, non-profit organizations and attorneys. Evolving areas of interest include the biological sciences, embryology and a developing specialization in reconstructive/cosmetic plastic surgery.

Sarah has received numerous professional awards from the Association of Medical Illustrators and has participated in invitational exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan, and Santiago, Chile in addition to a variety of exhibitions here in the United States. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including medical textbooks from Thieme Medical Publishers and Elsevier, medical journals such as “Dermatologic Surgery” and the “American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” and periodicals such as The Atlantic.

Sarah heads the Scientific and Preparatory Medical Illustration track within the Department of Communication Arts and works to continuously improve the curriculum relative to developing industry standards and student needs, provides students with access to cross disciplinary collaborations with VCU Life Sciences and the School of Medicine, and advises students on preparation for admission into graduate programs in medical illustration.