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Dr. Ryan Patton

20150817-_DSC5096Dr. Ryan M. Patton is an Assistant Professor of Art Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Patton taught high school art in the South Bronx section of New York City, and animation and game design with the Smithsonian Summer Associates. As part of his research in new media art education, Dr. Patton co-created an augmented reality game called CitySneak which explores disrupting conventions of public space and surveillance with smartphone devices. Patton also designed and produced a set of modular electronic switches intended for youth to design video game controllers. 

Dr. Patton has continued exploring digital media by creating CurrentLab, a new media art education research initiative devoted to developing curriculum, teaching tools, and best practices for visual arts educators. Dr. Patton’s current research interests include: technology in art education, new media art, play and games-based pedagogy, physical computing, big data & data visualization, visual culture, socially-engaged art practices, and urban education.

Research, Leadership, & Awards

In 2014 Dr. Patton was awarded a $20,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support CurrentLab’s Learning from Digital Game Design, a program to train public school art teachers throughout the state of Virginia to deliver game design in their classrooms. In addition to presenting at VAEA and NAEA, Dr. Patton presented papers at the World Congress of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA), and Games, Learning & Society Conference in 2014. Dr. Patton now serves on the review board for Visual Arts Research and serves as a reviewer and Digital Curator for the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education. He also serves as chair-elect of the Art Education Technology Interest Group for NAEA.

Recent publications include:

Knochel, A. D. & Patton, R. M. (2014). As we may publish (or perish): Digital scholarship and the future(s) of art education.” International Journal of Education Through Art, 10(3), 269-285.

Patton, R. M. (2014). Games that art educators play: Games in the historical and cultural context of art education. Studies in Art Education, 55(3), 241-252.

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Patton, R. M. (2013). Games as an artistic medium: Investigating complexity thinking in game-based art pedagogy. Studies in Art Education, 55(1), 35-50.

Patton, R. & Kenyon, M. (2010). Physical computing and video game art education. In R. Sweeny (Ed.), Inter/Actions/Inter/Sections: Art Education in a Digital Visual Culture (pp. 190-196). Reston, VA: National Art Education Association.

Patton, R. (2010). Obstructing the view: An argument for the use of obstructions in art education pedagogy. Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, 30(1), 49-59.

Sweeny, R. W. & Patton, R. M. (2009). Citysneak: Play, pedagogy & surveillance. In A. de Souza e Silva & D. Sutko (Eds.), Digital cityscapes: Merging digital and urban playspaces (pp. 204-216). New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.




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