Current Elements

Current Elements was a pop up satellite art fair put on by Photo + Film graduate students from VCU and afar over this past weekend on Oct 22nd. The show was an extension of Richmond’s first contemporary art fair, Current. The show was held inside and around a U-haul truck and focused on ephemeral experimental works. Current Elements presented unmarketable work in a non traditional way.


The show featured work by :

Roxanna Azar

Johannes James Barfield

Greyory Blake

Matthew Brown

Charli Curtis

Stephanie Dowda

Trish Gibson

Patrick Harkin

Joshua Hobson

Alexander Iezzi

Megan G. King

Jessica Lawrence

Kathryn Lien

Joshua McDevitt

Andrew McGlennon

Anni Puolakka

Stephanie J. Woods

Jiacheng Xu

Katya Yakubov

Work by Patrick Harkin

Work by Roxana Azar

Work by Roxana Azar

Film Video Works