Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Program in Kinetic Imaging prepares students to use video, animation, sound and emerging media for the purpose of art-making, self-expression and experimentation.

Undergraduate classes include basic video editing techniques; a historical overview of contemporary media art; theory and production of media-based sound; techniques and principles of experimental animation; 3D computer graphics and animation, and individual development of the students’ portfolios and demo reels.

How many students are in your program?

Our undergraduate program has 100 to 110 undergraduate students. We accept 28 to 35 new incoming sophomores each year.

To apply or for more information, including transfers and change of major, click here. Fall semester admissions only.

“Feeling excited and optimistic about being in VCU’s Kinetic Imaging program. I am always ready for another day of class because the teachers are amazing and my classmates are so friendly and inspiring. I wanna say thanks to all my peers and the faculty for making such a positive impact on my life already!” — Zack Rogers (Class of 2018)



The undergraduate curriculum allows the student the flexibility to craft a curriculum that supports their creative and professional goal.

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