Sarah Midkiff

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sarah midkiff

Department of Photography + Film

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Department of Kinetic Imaging

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Sarah Midkiff is an academic advisor for the Cinema program and the departments of Kinetic Imaging and Photography + Film, as well as an adjunct assistant professor in Photography + Film. Her photographic work explores communication and gender, confronting the largely unconscious spaces in which reality and language construct each other. Midkiff has taught a wide range of courses, from wet-plate collodion to commercial studio lighting, at Southern Illinois University, the City University of New York, VCUarts and the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. Her work has been exhibited nationally, including shows at Candela Gallery and Studio 23 in Richmond, Va., and featured in the online magazines “Lenscratch” and “Don’t Take Pictures.” Utilizing her expertise in alternative processes, Midkiff and a team of fellow artists at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond competed for the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records’ largest cyanotype, measuring in at approximately 1500 square feet. Midkiff earned her MFA in mass communications and media arts from Southern Illinois University, and her BFA in photography from the University of Notre Dame.