Minor in Scientific Illustration

The Communication Arts Scientific Illustration minor is designed for VCU students majoring in biology or environmental science who seek to develop the artistic skills and visual communication strategies necessary to effectively present complex and detailed scientific information.


Students can apply for the minor at any point in their VCU careers.  The 21-credit minor assumes a student will take at least one studio course, per semester, during the traditional 4-year course of study.


The scientific illustration minor is for students interested in:

  1. Pursuing graduate study in Medical Illustration or to become a board-certified medical illustrator.
  2. Bolstering their biology or environmental science degrees with a specialty in creating scientific visual representations for grant applications, research, and professional scientific articles.


Course requirements: https://next.bulletin.vcu.edu/undergraduate/arts/communication-arts/scientific-illustration-minor/


Course descriptions: http://bulletin.vcu.edu/azcourses/coar/