Full-time Faculty

The 7 full-time faculty members are a collegial group of productive scholars and dedicated mentors. Their work has been published in highly regarded national and international journals relevant to their fields, as well as in monographs and anthologies presented by scholarly and museum affiliated publishers. In their courses, they provide students with various, critically oriented, and theoretically informed approaches to the study of visual and new media art.

Prospective graduate students are encouraged to correspond with full-time faculty members who share their scholarly areas of interest.


chapmanKathleen Chapman, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Southern California
Research Interests: Late 19th-Century & Early 20th-Century Art, German Expressionism

James Farmer, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Texas
Research Interests: North American and Andean Art, Rock Art

Eric Garberson, Associate Professor & Director of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Media Art and Text (MATX)
PhD, The Johns Hopkins University
Research Interests: Historiography
804.828.7295 • eggarberson@vcu.edu

Babatunde Lawal, Professor
PhD, Indiana University
Research Interests: African, African-American, and African Diaspora Art
804.628.7033 •

Margaret Lindauer, Department Chair and Associate Professor
PhD, Arizona State University
Research Interests: Museum History, Theory & Practice; Art History & Pedagogy
804.628.7030 • malindauer@vcu.edu

Carolyn Porter PhinizyInterim Administrative Director and Assistant Professor
PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Research Interests: 19th-Century British Art, Orientalism, and Art History & Pedagogy
804.628.7024 • porterce@vcu.edu

roachCatherine Roach, Associate Professor
PhD, Columbia University
Research Interests: 19th-Century British Art, History of Exhibitions and Display, Museum Studies
804.628.7037 • croach2@vcu.edu

Tobias Wofford, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

Art History Advisors

Jackie Mullins
Academic Advisor

Visiting Faculty

Tracy Chapman Hamilton
Visiting Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty

A talented and dedicated group of adjunct faculty enhance departmental course offerings through their research and/or pedagogical expertise.


Sharayah Cochran
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Traci Horne Garland
Adjunct Assistant Professor & Interim Registrar and Assistant Director of Facilities and Administration, Institute for Contemporary Art

Vivian Hiedemann
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Michael C. Jones
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Amy Marshman
Adjunct Assistant Professor

trentHarrison Trent Nicholas
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Michael Panbehchi
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Rebecca Shields
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Affiliate Faculty

Affiliate faculty—curators, directors, and educators at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts contribute variously to the graduate program. They supervise internships, offer guest lectures, teach or team teach selected museum studies courses, and serve on dissertation committees.

Stephen Bonadies
Deputy Director for Collections and Facility Management

Lee Anne Hurt Chesterfield
Director for Museum Planning and Board Relations and Assistant Curator of Ancient American Art

Sarah Eckhardt
Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art

Celeste Fetta Neff
Chief Educator

Li Jian
The E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Curator of East Asian Art

Leo Mazow
J. Harwood and Louise B. Cochrane Curator of American Art

Mitchell Merling
Paul Mellon Curator and Head of the Department of European Art

Alex Nyerges

Susan J. Rawles
Assistant Curator of American Decorative Art

John Henry Rice
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Curator of South Asian and Islamic Art

Peter Schertz
The Jack and Mary Ann Frable Curator of Ancient Art

Barry Shifman
The Sydney and Frances Lewis Family Curator of Decorative Arts 1890 to the Present

Michael Taylor
Chief Curator and Deputy Director for Art and Education

Lee Viverette
Director of Library, Special Collections & Publications

Richard B. Woodward
Curator of the African art collection at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Hamad bin Khalifa Chairs of Islamic Art

Jonathan Bloom

Sheila Blair