The Giving Heart Thanksgiving Placemat Project

Published on October 27, 2015

Abby contacted me several weeks ago with this really beautiful request for your talents. I sat on it for awhile, because I wanted to build it out into a community making event, but as time is progressing, it’s pretty clear that I just need to keep life simple and share it as-is. I’m really looking forward to making mine and I love imagining my placemat being part of this lovely tradition for a decade…or more.



My name is Abby Parsons and I am a freshman at VCU. This year I am participating with The Giving Heart during their Thanksgiving Day event. It is a feast held at the convention center for the homeless, less fortunate, and anyone who wants to join the community in a Thanksgiving Day celebration. I am looking for placemats and centerpieces to be made for festive decorations. Ten years ago the VCU art students made placemats for this organization and have been used every year and I’m hoping this year we can recreate them.

• At least 50 made (not all by the same student)
• On a 11 x 14 piece of paper
• Laminated (if possible)
• Any fall design the art student would like
• Print the year and VCU School of Arts on the back and name can be included if they would like
• At least 5 made (not all by the same student) There will be 240 tables at the event with 10 people at each so I am hoping for a turn out of more than 5.
• No size requirements but must be able to fit on a normal size table
• Any fall design the art student would like
• Must be able to be used again in future events (no living flowers)
Any student working on this project would be able to receive community service by keeping track of the hours they spend making placemats and centerpieces.

Deadline and details
The deadline for this project will be the week before Thanksgiving, November 19th.  Final centerpieces and placemats can be dropped off in the Dean’s Office (room 201 Pollak) and I will pick them up.

Any student interested in this project can contact me through my cell phone or email. My cell number is (804) 381-8796 and my email

The link to The Giving Heart is below: