New Cross Disciplinary Courses For Summer and Fall 2015

Published on March 24, 2015

We’ve got a nice list of cross-disciplinary courses for you, below.  You can find them all on the schedule of classes, but the ARTS ones are a tiny bit tricky…they are under ‘Arts Cross-Disciplinary’ here.  If you have any questions about them at all, please contact the instructors directly.  As time progresses, you may see that ‘TBA’ information get sorted on the schedule of classes.  Enjoy!



KINE 491: Theories of Art & Technology
Instructor: Neal Swisher
Summer session: May 18- June 5
MTWTF, 4:30pm-7:30pm

This seminar will prepare students to think critically about the relationship between art and technology. Artists are often early adopters and inventors of new technology, and thus actively shape our understanding of what technology is. We will ask: are our technologies just tools, or something deeper and more intrinsic to our humanity? Is technology optional? Or is it, like art, something that is fundamental to the human experience? We will examine creative responses from artists and theorists grappling with major technical developments including: photography, film, video, digital computers, the internet, video games and virtual reality. We will discuss artists and theorists who push technological development forward, as well as those who critique technology for its negative ethical, political and personal effects.

ARTS 491: Philosophy of Art
Instructor: Neal Swisher
Fall 2015
Date & Time TBD (probably after 3pm)

Through close readings of the philosophy of art, this seminar will prepare students to think deeply about contemporary artistic practice. Students will engage directly with philosophical texts that address reality and its representation, sense perception, knowledge-production, technological development, identity, ethics, and politics. Readings will follow a historical path leading to current conversations in aesthetics such as: speculative realism, the politics of interactivity, the aesthetics of “post-medium” art forms, theories of the digital, and more. Assignment will allow seminar participants to apply philosophical questioning to their own work. Students will emerge with a series of writings that complement their studio or academic practice.


FASH 401-003, CRN 30369:  MOB Service Learning
Instructor: Kristin Caskey
Fall 2015
M/W 2:10-4:30

We are looking for rising juniors and seniors with an interest in community engaged, interdisciplinary design. mOb Studio is a service-learning course taught by professors from graphic, fashion and interior design and attended by students from across VCUarts. Clients come to us for help with projects ranging from graphic and site work, to identity, special events, activities, exhibitions and activating interest in issues. mOb is experiential, collaborative, funny, real, challenging and always current. Students in mOb have dedicated downtown studio space and access to the inner workings of a non-profit as well as mentors form Richmond’s professional community.

Please contact Kristin Caskey at or drop by the studio at 205 East Broad on T/TR between 2 and 4:30 for information on registering.

ARTS 391-001, CRN 33070:  Programming for Artists
Instructor: Dan Resler and Peter J Baldes
Fall 2015
TR 9:00am-11:50am

ARTS 391-002, CRN 33071: Experimental Clay Animation
Instructor: Marta Rosalyn Finkelstein
Fall 2015

Students of this class will learn a broad range of skills to create experimental animations using clay. We will cover additive and subtractive morphing techniques, replacement animation, character design, puppet armature construction, as well as cover set construction and lighting.

ARTS 391-003, CRN 33072:  Elements of Performance
Instructor: Leigh A Cole
Fall 2015
M/W 9:30am-10:45am

The Elements of Performance class nurtures a critical understanding of location, sound, costuming, the body and interaction within an artist’s practice. Each student will develop and execute new projects that generate meaningful dialogue within the class and beyond.

ARTS 391-004, CRN 33073:  Movement and Media
Instructor: John H Blatter and Jill B Ware
Fall 2015
M/W 1:00pm-3:50pm

Introducing students to the Depot soundstage through the exploration of movement, the body, and new media. Students will explore the refinement of human motion within the context of sound, light, video, and animation. Within this class, students will accumulate skills in 3D motion capture, sound design, light design, movement performance and movement generation through a series of studies that culminate in a group project shaped by collaboration.

Class will be co-taught with Jill B. Ware.


ARTS 291-001, CRN 33075: Compthink
Instructor: Andrew Ilnicki
Fall 2015
M/W 12:00pm-1:50pm

An introduction to computational thinking for the creation of interactive websites and other applications for artists and designers. Course will cover current and emerging technologies.


ARTS 391-005, CRN 33075:  Interdisciplinary Web Design
Instructor: Andrew Ilnicki
Fall 2015
M/W 2:00pm-3:50pm

A course offering further investigations into the design and development of dynamic websites. Introduces database integration, webhost management, and advanced coding techniques. Emphasis is placed on the semantic design and development of content-rich websites and blogs. Focus on web design / development professional best practices.
KINE 491-901, CRN : Gender and Sexuality Electronic Art
Instructor: Nia Burks
Summer 2015
TR 3:00pm-8:30pm

In Gender and Sexuality in Electronic Art, the student will investigate issues of gender and sexuality as it is represented through the lens of electronic digital media including, but not limited to video, sound, installation, gaming, interactive and animation. Theoretical writings and responses will set the tone for electronic art based artworks. Theoretical readings will be drawn from a variety of discussions including 2nd Wave Feminism, 3rd Wave Feminism, Masculinity, contemporary LGBTQIA issues, and Intersectionality.