Help out a fellow student! Fill out a survey!

Published on March 21, 2012

Dear Undergrads,
Please see the email below from one of your peers.  They are progressing towards the finish line with the competition and need your feedback by filling out a survey, below.
Thanks so much, I wish them luck!
My name is Moria Pruefer and I’m a senior from the Communication Arts department. My friend Angela Melito, a senior from the Graphic Design department, and I have recently become semifinalists in the Da Vinci Venture Competition. I’m not sure if you’ve heard anything about it, but it’s a competition where a student team comes up with a new concept, idea or technology for a business venture. For the next part of the competition, Angela and I are working on generating a business plan. Since our business is geared towards art students, we’ve been trying to collect some opinions through an online survey here: We’ve been networking through our friends and classmates with Facebook, but we would really appreciate it if you could send out a mass email to all the art students at VCU so that we could get more accurate results. If we can reach out to other students from departments, the survey would be more helpful to us. It’s very short, shouldn’t take more then 10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me back or call me at 703-638-8452. 
Thank you so much, 
Moria Pruefer