Tori Kesling

Upon graduating, I took on the role of Theatre Director at Tuckahoe Elementary School Drama Club from 2009 – 2010 while also working as a Lead TA at the Faison School for Autism from 2008 – 2010. In my spare time I served as a board member for the Mayan Art’s Program for the Highland Support Project. Through this organization I was given the wonderful opportunity to travel the the Highland region of Guatemala and work with indigenous Mayan school children. We developed projects and lessons to share with schools in order to establish sustainable art and theatre programs within their schools. In 2010 my life changed forever when I was hired by New Kent County as their Theatre Director for New Kent High School. I still work for NKHS and am the county’s only theatre teacher. Through New Kent I have worked with a school in the UK to create the Kent England Exchange Program for which I serve as the American Artistic Director. In partnership with Astor College for the Arts in Kent, UK we produce a joint musical every other year and come together in both countries to perform as one cast. We finished Cabaret last year and will be completing Anything Goes next fall. As part of this partnership I also serve as a Guest Director/ Artist for Astor College whenever we visit. In my third year of teaching I was nominated for Teacher of the Year at NKHS and have had major success within my theatre program:

VHSL Bay Rivers District Competition Placement for Theatre 2012
VHSL Regional Competition Placement for Theatre 2012
VHSL State Competition Placement for Theatre 2012
VHSL Bay Rivers District Placement for Theatre 2013

In less than 3 years my students have graduated with acceptance to theatre, music, and art programs at the following schools: VCU, JMU, Radford, AMDA, Randolph Macon, Lynchburg University, Full Sail, and SCAD. I am the director/ mentor for a 2012 VHSL District Best Acting Award, 2012 VHSL Regional Best Acting Award, 2013 District Best Acting Award, and the 2012-2013 VA Thespian Performance Scholarship recipients. My theatre program has performed at Radford University, Longwood University, George Mason University, The Kimball Theatre in Williamsburg, and the White Cliffs Theatre in Dover, UK.