Sheila M. Holland

I am a painter. I graduated from VCU School of the Arts in 1988 with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking. I have been painting for 25 years now. My subject matter still remains landscapes. My media has changed to acrylic to suit my speed and lack of patience. My style has evolved throughout the years into a recognizable impressionistic/expressionistic type all its own. I love to paint forests, swamps, and remote areas of landscape full of contrasting light and shadows. I’ve just recently started adding texture to my paintings to challenge myself further. I have been teaching painting for approximately eight years now. I love teaching people my passion and in turn seeing their own passion spark. I have been married 24 years to a wonderful man and have two sons and a grandson, all of whom I adore. VCU gave me the courage and the skills to begin a lifetime of what I love to do.