Nick Kuszyk

R Nicholas Kuszyk was born in the suburbs of Washington D.C. where he witnessed the strange and extreme unbalanced world of poor and rich people firsthand while doing graffiti. R Nicholas Kuszyk graduated with honors, earning two degrees in painting and sculpture at VCU. R Nicholas now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and has been drawing only robots for ten years in an unending attempt to personify America’s tendencies towards the appreciation for the banal and the immediate. In an intentionally socialistical fashion, he prices his paintings in an incredibly low range in hopes to encourage people in demographics not usually accustomed to purchasing art to gain an appreciation for the value of things handmade and independent of the socially irresponsible corporate structure that dominates the world. R Nicholas has shown in every continent and is in well over 3,000 private collections all over the world. He has won numerous awards including a fellowship from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. He is the author and illustrator of R. Robot Saves Lunch, published in August 2009 by Penguin Young Readers group.