After leaving VCU I started out doing illustration for The Washington Post and other periodicals, plus children’s books. Then I had a long and successful career in advertising, design and direct marketing. I started working at design firms in Washington DC then eventually working at National Geographic Society for several years before moving to New York. In NY I worked at a major advertising agency where I was an associate creative director and VP. Leaving the advertising career behind me I became a full time fine artist since 1998. I currently live and work in New York City. When your career takes you into design and advertising you seem to be doing more on the computer and less with your hands. I love being an artist now! It’s a full circle!

I am proud to have been chosen to participate in 2014 The Big Egg Hunt in NYC sponsored by Faberge. This event started in London and was brought to NY in 2014. Over 200 3′ egg sculptures are around all five boroughs in NYC for the month of April, 2014 benefitting two charities. The London people loved my egg design and gave me a fantastic location at Rockefeller promenade next to Jeff Koons’ egg! Such a preeminent position. All eggs go to auction, please visit NY and see my egg!