Martha Loving Orgain

I’m creating one-of-a-kind Star Chart Talismans™ based on an individuals’ birth charts. These pieces start out as watercolor veil paintings, and include photographs, images, objects from nature such as fibers and precious and semi-precious gems, and a verse or poem. I also use thermal dye transfer printmaking processes from (outdated and unavailable) color duplicating machines creating brilliant color, printing, and then weaving it all together.

I’ve been teaching in the arts since my first job at Richmond’s Valentine Museum in 1976 where I taught pin-hole photography to 8-year-olds. Teaching workshops throughout the USA, I work with faculty, community, and children in watercolor and meditation, in the public and private sector, most recently in NYC. As Visiting Artist I developed and implemented programs with inner city children in the visual and therapeutic arts. I have received two NEA grants for this work in schools.

Training in Collot Painting Therapy, I am one of six in the USA doing this work with adults and children. In my private practice, I work between the worlds, guiding patients/clients through their inner transformations using Light, Darkness, and Color, and Sound Balancing with tuning forks and crystals, and teach meditation.

As a medical therapy, I have taught Collot Painting Therapy to doctors and other healthcare practitioners in Complimentary and Integrative Medicine. I am a volunteer at Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, VT working with children through the “Art from the Heart” Program sponsored by Burlington City Arts.

MFA – Art Institute of Chicago 1980
Waldorf Teacher Training – Rudolf Steiner College, CA 1994
Collot Painting Therapy – Diplomas – Emerald Foundation, The Netherlands, (and first in the USA) Medical Section Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland 2003.