Louis Landry

BM - Music

A man named Louis Landry lives in Durham, NC. He holds a B.A. in Music Performance from VCU (Richmond, Va). He teaches. He gives lessons. He plays drums for Curtis Eller’s American Circus.

He is a musical performer, producer and composer of rock and roll, blues, jazz, bluegrass and more. He sings. He plays over 20 instruments including the piano, drum set, guitar, bass and baritone ukulele. He has performed with Ironing Board Sam, Red Leaf School of Music, The Invincible Czars, Charlie Robison, Ryan Bingham, Shawn Nelson & the Ramblers, Grass, Particle, Jimmy Dean, and the Duke Ellington Orchestra. He teaches private and group music lessons in and around Durham. His father, Jimmie Landry, is also a musician.

LL’s latest recording, “The LL Orchestra EP,” is available for download now at Louis Landry’s website, www.llmusic.net.