Laurie Pledl

Where am I now? I am in a place where creating is once again a priority. Since I graduated from VCU it has been a road with many turns with the last turn being the best.

I am an art teacher at a Catholic school and have been for about the last ten years. I am creating on a daily basis and beginning to show my work once again.

I work in acrylics, watercolors and clay. Some of my paintings are paintings while others are diptychs with clay sculptures.

I have discovered the beauty of nature after spending a lot of time camping in the teardrop trailer my husband and I built. In my work I want to attempt to bring the beauty of nature inside. In essence, to show how nature is art and that art is one of my true loves. When people are forced to view nature in the confines of a pristine gallery space, their chances of seeing nature as art, I believe, will be heightened. Often, people do not see the real beauty of our world. However, by placing the outside world inside, people will see nature in a box with white walls and clean lines. Therefore, small pieces of nature will stand out. Real beauty can be found in a single tree stump, a composition of bark and twigs, tree roots, trees standing alone, and the softness of grass. Sometimes in order to be able to focus on these small treasures, they need to be separated out and framed, or put into a cube for people to see.

Let us not forsake the world around us but wrap our arms around it and hold it close to our hearts.

In my work I often speak of the preciousness involved in relationships as well as nature. Therefore, some of my work is figurative and I focus on capturing emotions through the use of: light, movement, texture, color and line. Once again, I want to bring to the forefront what is really important; our inner most feelings. Thus my work stems from three endearments: love, nature and art.

Laurie Pledl (Laurie Nacker)