John Umphlett

I received an MFA at Bennington College in 1999 after receiving a BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1996. I then started in a position at Bennington College that teaches courses in the technical aspects of sculpture as well as more conceptual based courses dealing more with an interdisciplinary style. I also perform as an interdisciplinary technician in the Visual and Performing Arts Building. ¬†Over the years I have served in construction projects and lighting shows involved in Bennington’s Usdan Gallery. I have also served as an inventor and problem solver focused on specific student projects involved in classes in all visual arts courses from designing cameras in photography to fabricating revolving projection installations for live performances. I would consider myself innovative and an inquisitive thinker; open to experimentation through material both physical and conceptual and believe these are essential to discovery. I have shown my own work throughout the country: Residences, sculpture parks, group shows and working with kids at elementary schools.
In my professional work along side the work at Bennington College, I have worked with numerous artists, architects, and engineers in New York and around the world, as a fabricator and designer. I have also been commissioned for designs from railings in lofts in Soho to fabricating and installations of cubicle spaces for large companies.