Jarik van Sluijs

Jarik van Sluijs has creative directed over 60 feature title sequences for films such as The Kingdom, Couples Retreat, The Final Destination, and Sex in the City. He has designed animated logos for companies such as HBO Home Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, as well as directed visual effects shots for films such as Hancock, GI JOE, and Twilight. His work has given him the opportunity to work alongside mayor Hollywood directors and producers such as Ridley Scott, Michael Mann, and Robert Redford.

Moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2000, after graduate study in Communication Arts and Design at VCU, he started working at Kaleidoscope Films, one of the top film marketing companies at the time. There he worked on motion graphics and editing for movie trailers and teasers for films such as Tomb Raider, NARC, and A.I., for which he won a Hollywood Reporter Key Art Award in 2001. By 2003 he had moved up to head he graphics department as creative director, and started working on feature titles sequences. His first title sequences include those for films like Van Helsing, The Punisher, and The Bourne Supremacy.

In 2005, he became one of the founding partners at PIC AGENCY, together with Pamela Green and Julio Ferrario, a fellow VCU alumni. Considered one of the top companies in their field, PIC AGENCY has since created more than 80 feature film title sequences, and worked with every major Hollywood studio.

More from Jarik about his time at VCUarts:

My time there, as both an undergraduate exchange student, and later as a graduate student, has proven to be invaluable to my career as a designer. The program was structured and focused enough to give me a strong design foundation, but free enough to allow me to pursue the multidisciplinary type of work I was interested in. At the time, the technology was changing rapidly, especially in the fields of video and animation, and “motion graphics” was not a term used much yet. A lot of emphasis was placed on typographic craft and design, but the focus was never on technology. It was always on problem solving.

Today I still use those problem solving skills on every project, from client brief to final delivery. I still trust the process more than the formula to yield the best result, I still understand that a great idea is nothing without great execution, I appreciate more than ever the value of teamwork, and I still have a deep love for typography, all lessons and obsessions learned and absorbed from the great teachers and fellow students at VCU.