Glenn Downing

I was born and raised in a rural area outside of Waco, Texas. Even
though I have traveled all over the world I have returned to Waco and
live close to where I was bought up. My father was a farmer who
started a street paving business so I began my life doing all sorts of
manual labor. I worked alongside men with little or no formal
education; men who grew up using their hands and got where they
were in life by just working themselves to death. These men were a
little bit crazy; they approached life on their own terms. They were
individuals; not always correct in their talk or their manners but willing
to get the job done and get on with life. As I got older I became one
of those men.

Don’t expect poetry here.

Expect rust, dancing, sarcasm, sensitivity, sharp edges, raw spots,
droppings, animals, trash, nature, humor, rambling, pretty colors, ugly
things, ink, duck tape, tears, jazz, strangers, junk piles, marks,
scenery, goop, fear, red wheels, memories, jewels, plastic, head
shapes, dust, and a list of shit that keeps going but my work is really
about one word: Emotion

Making sculpture is a physical thing and that’s what I enjoy about the
process. I use materials in a very direct way and don’t try to cover up
my construction methods. I want these pieces to be raw and
emotional and profane; throw in everything and the kitchen sink.
Fragments heaped upon fragments become an image.
I am interested in creating a collage of life with memorable imagery
evoking range of emotions. I strive to keep a raw quality and a sense
of humor in the finished work. In recent years I have been more and
more influenced by jazz and its spontaneity. I am not a musician so
my works are my visual tunes combining materials and images like
notes. High ideals are expressed in crude lines and found objects,
like wise crudeness is expressed in fine inks and pastels.