Emil Schlee

I graduated from Sculpture, MFA, in 1986 and moved to Chicago where I had a studio on the south-side at 19th and Halsted in Pilsen, and showed regularly in venues like World Tattoo, Tough, Artemesia, Esther Saks and other galleries in the Midwest. I worked for Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Office of Special Events, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs – Sculpture In Action, and taught at Harold Washington College. In 1992, I took a teaching position with Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp in Colorado and saturated myself in the environment and an appreciation for nature. Working/playing with the world-of dance and performance, eight years, I developed intense interests in the mechanical human body and its energy potential, Yoga, Taoism, and the forms through which they are expressed. Incorporating human movement and sculpture, I arrived at a mechanical means of amplifying the subtleties of those forms and adapting them for recreation. The outcome is Spyrotone and Chi Harmony Pro, which I invite you to learn more about at spyrotone.com. I returned to Richmond in 2004, which is still a great place to live.