Diane Derr

Diane Derr is currently an Assistant Professor and Curator of the Innovative Media Studio at Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar where she teaches time-based and interactive media in the MFA Design Studies program.

Derr’s practice investigates narrative structures developed through social and cultural constructs embedded in the spectrum of emergent technologies. The core of her research and creative practice revolves around the navigation of perception and experience lensed through developing digital media technologies and the resulting shifts in communication structures. In her practice, she routinely adapts structural, editorial, and production frameworks investigating the phenomenology of interaction within the inter-textual narrative. Through the use of time-based and interactive media she explores and examines how we, both as viewers and active participants, perceive and experience the representation of events and the event aesthetic.

She has received numerous grants in support of her research and creative practice including a National Priorities Research Grant, which fostered ‘Visualizing Qatar’s Past’, a collaborative project between Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, the University of Wales and the Qatar Museum Authority. In recognition of her research she received the ‘Distinguished Faculty in Research Award’ from Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar in 2013.