Diane Derr works in integrative media, principally concerned with structures of mediated communication and interaction. She employs tools of the virtual to investigate the realm of the physical. Derr’s work addresses the evolving landscape of design and computational media technologies. She has exhibited and lectured internationally at venues including Design Days Dubai (UAE), Istanbul Biennale, Center for Art and New Technology (Czech Republic), International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Ionion Centre for arts and Culture (Greece), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), University of Aegean (Greece), German University of Cairo (Egypt), University of Aveiro (Portugal), Gezira Art Center (Egypt), and Leeds College of Art (United Kingdom). She has received numerous grants and awards, including the Distinguished Faculty in Teaching Award (2016) and the Distinguished Faculty in Research Award (2013) from VCUArts Qatar.

Derr is currently an Associate Professor in the MFA Design Studies program at Virginia Commonwealth University-Qatar where she teaches critical design, visual narrative, time-based media, and physical computing. She is currently completing her Ph.D. with the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Integrated Arts at the University of Plymouth (UK).