Cassandra Meier

Cassie Meier is pursuing her graduate degree at George Washington University’s Master Degree program in Art Therapy and will be interning at Art at the Center. Growing up a military dependent, she has lived in various states across the country and Mannheim, Germany. She graduated in 2010 with a B.F.A. in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University with minors in Art History and Psychology. After volunteering as an assistant art teacher at Riverside Elementary, a school for dyslexic children, she witnessed the benefits of the creative process first hand and decided to pursue a career in Art Therapy. In her art, Cassie takes a whimsical approach to focus on the dynamics of relationships, human behavior, and self-growth. Some of her work has been featured in the 2010 Anderson Gallery’s Student Exhibition and she continues to submit to juried shows. She is eager to encourage creativity in children as she believes art making is essential to development and the learning process!