Brandon Graham

Since graduation I had the opportunity to design childrenswear for Nike and Fila then moved on to designing men’s outerwear for Levis and Dockers. I also worked with various designers to develop my own menswear line called Brentwood.

Currently, I’m working on a site I founded and created to help fashion designers find out what people really think about their designs. Users of the site upload their fashion illustrations and the general public vote on whether they would wear it or not. The general public votes on the designs by clicking ‘Rock It’ or ‘Not My Style.’ The site is called

In addition to the fashion designer knowing how many people liked and didn’t like a submitted design, the site also gives the designer a breakdown of the type of people who voted. This breakdown tells the designers the common age, body type, location, etc of the voters. is able to gather this information for the designers by requiring voters to fill out a short questionnaire before they begin voting. The data is then organized, tallied, and relayed back to the designers. This information helps designers understand their market.